Fresh 'n' Smart

Advanced Interactive Packaging (AIP)

Fresh‘n’Smart® is an Advanced Interactive Packaging (AIP) Technology that offers growers, packers, exporters and retailers the solution they need, to provide the finest and freshest produce to their customers.

Our entire Fresh‘n’Smart® line of products is designed to increase our clients’ produce sales by offering their customers a superior product experience while reducing unnecessary losses and expense through their supply chains.

This technology significantly extends the post-harvest and shelf life, maintains the hydration of fresh produce and reduces waste.  There are many types of fresh produce that benefit from our patented Fresh’n’Smart® technology, detailed examples of which are provided in the leaflet downloads shown below.

USA Office Details:

  • Smart Degradable Americas Inc
    1150 S Eastern Ave #150,
    NV 89052,

Mathew Cobb

General Manager

Jennifer Soliman

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Amanda Castro

Customer Relationship Manager

UK Office Details:

  • Agri-Tech Global Technologies Ltd
    SDA Packaging Limited
    Oathill Barn, Aldington Road,
    Lympne, Kent, CT21 4LX

Aurin Johnson

Sales & Marketing

Janine Tonolini

Business Development Manager

Lauri Tonolini

Group Finance Manager

Chile Office Details:

  • Rinconada El Salto 915, Of. 1107,
  • +56 22 7591128

Paulina Urzúa A

Gerente de Negocios Sudamérica

Ricardo Pérez Donoso

Gerente Comercial