Promote your fresh produce using SDA’s stand up pouch bags. High clarity film with quality printed graphics that appeal to consumers, has been proven to significantly increase sales. Available with micro perforations to help keep your produce fresher for longer. Easy grab and go handles and multiple closure options allow packers to create customized pouch programs for virtually any produce type. Our unique experience with an extensive range of laminated materials and manufacturing techniques has helped to develop pouches for up to 5lbs of produce that can stand up to the most demanding packing and handling process.

Consumers appreciate how easy produce can be confirmed as fresh before purchase, along with easy to read nutrition information, brand clarity and the confidence that produce has been handled less than bulk bin products.

A fully customized line of retail packages are available, including product-specific sizes, holiday or seasonal programs and unique graphic labels and marketing messages.

SDA also offers a range of pouches from inventory, plain and printed for your more immediate requirements. Please contact your local office for more information.


  • Print clarity reinforces brand quality and integrity with consumers
  • On-package promotions allow for seasonal marketing messages
  • Low cost short runs available for market and product testing in small batches
  • Easy-to-read nutritional panels appeal to health conscious consumers
  • Eco-friendly packaging helps support brand initiatives and drives consumer confidence
  • Easily add recipes to the package to engage consumers and drive purchases
  • Full color, attractive packaging sells more product
  • On-pack social media and digital integrations (QR Codes) also available

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  • Pouch type – Stand up pouches / flat pouches /side and bottom gusset pouches and custom designs
  • Closure type – Slider, zipper, tamper evident options, spouts, steam release for microwave use and many others
  • Pouch material – Fully customizable single or multi-laminate film structures, including high barrier foils and films to meet your product specific requirement
  • Pouch size – We will work with you to provide a custom solution for your project, almost all aspects of our product range can be tailored to fit your requirements